Get ready for more of Our Community's Finest this week. I look forward to writing these stories as it such a positive way to spend  my free time. The past few weeks have provided little free time unfortunately. Now that the new school year is off and running smoothly, things have settled down a bit and I can shine the spotlight on more of the quality folks we are fortunate to have in our community.
    I am also pleased to announce a new addition to the blog titled "Pay it Forward". Has a stranger ever gone out of their way to lend you a hand? Someone who expected nothing in return? Their heart was just in the right place, and for them, reaching out to help just seemed the right thing to do? Well this would be the place to share your story. If the details are personal and you wish to change the names in the story, thats no problem. If you wish to write your story in the form of a thank you letter, that's great too. This is YOUR story and you can give as much or as little detail as you choose. If this person's act of kindness affected a choice you made later on, I'd love to hear about it. The purpose of this piece is to inspire others to "Pay it Forward". Do something for someone else for no other reason than it was the honorable thing to do. No matter how big or small. If they ask you how they can repay you, just smile and say, "pay it forward". This is in no way an original idea, but it sure brings out the good in people. I've heard so many of these stories over the years and everytime I hear a new one I'm motivated to be a better person myself. Never forget that your small act of kindness may be a defining factor in someone else's life. 
    I will post a few stories which reflect the true meaning of "Pay it Forward". Please submit your story by e-mail to or via the contact form on the main page. Thank you for reading and enjoy your Sunday = )

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