I have been actively collecting information to support an alternative plan for our community. I am working toward becoming educated about other possibilities as well. 
    I am aware that the creation of an alternative plan is difficult for some to accept as it may feel like you are giving up on saving the City of Pacific. However, this should be considered "Plan B"  or a "Back up Plan". It would not be in effect unless the city unincorporates. A friend made a comment to me that made a great deal of sense. Are we really going to wait for the Titanic to sink before pulling out the life boats? If that is our position, we will lose our community services along with the city. At this point, we don't have a lot of choice as far as the city's status is concerned. However, the community is ours and I'd like to save what we can so we at least have a foundation to build the type of the community we'd like to live in. 
    Thank you for reading and have a good weekend = )

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