It's my pleasure to introduce Frank Hatten, a Pacific Resident of 21 years.  Frank and his wife Arlene agreed Pacific was the place to call home when they came across a friendly community of folks who knew their neighbors, in a small town with a low crime rate, featuring a very visible police force. After all of their years in Pacific, the Hattens still enjoy the friendly people in our community and agree this is a great town. Frank and Arlene are incredibly dedicated to their community. They are active members of their church, and both strong members of The Pacific Partnerships. In fact, Frank is the Vice-President of the group! The Hattens are a kindhearted couple who liked to spend time hiking, fishing, and country dancing at the fairs. Now they generously volunteer to help their communities on a regular basis. Frank said he enjoys volunteering a lot of hours, and it shows. If you have noticed the flags perched on the light poles up and down 3rd avenue, then you are a witness to one of many contributions Frank made to our community this year. He noticed the Saturday before Memorial Day the annual tradition of posting the flags had been overlooked. He decided there was only one thing to do, and took it upon himself to singlehandedly correct this oversight. Thank you Frank! Another great contribution Frank makes to our community every year, earned him his infamous nickname "Trash King"! Our Pacific “Trash King” gathers over 1000 pounds of trash in our community for our annual "Earth Day". Yes, you heard it right, over 1000 pounds of trash!

Moving forward, Frank would like to see more young people involved in community building efforts. Frank also made an insightful observation about our city’s “Main Street” (3rd Avenue) when he pointed out the lack of luster. He would like to see hanging potted flowers and other decorations along the street to add charm to our city. After all, this is our city hall, post office, community center, fire department and police department, our city center.

Thank you to Frank and his lovely wife Arlene for their dedication to making our community a better place. Stay tuned for more of Our Community’s Finest = )

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