I am honored to introduce Darrel and Kathy Smith, an unforgettable couple who have left footprints on the heart of our community. The Smiths were married 21 years ago and moved to Pacific the following April in 1992, when they found their lovely home. Kathy says she and Darrel were impressed with the nice neighborhood with new homes and kids playing outside. One particular attribute to the area that the couple enjoyed over the years, was the walking path around the river. The Smiths truly appreciated the beauty of nature and the river trail was one they admired every season, all  year-round. This nature loving couple also looked forward to traveling to the coast with all of the impressive scenery where they would fly kites and walk the beach. Furthermore, the Smith's had a special connection to the Sedona, Arizona area which felt spiritual and inspirational to them and they cherished their time there together. By trade, Darrel was a teacher at Green River Community College and Kathy spent many years in the banking industry as well as utilizing her skill as a technical writer. Another high priority in this couple's life has been their active community involvement. In fact, they have both been devoted members of Pacific Partnerships from day one. Unfortunately, around the time Pacific Partnerships was founded, Darrel was diagnosed with a rare illness. For many years, Darrel's health seemed unaffected so he and Kathy were able to live a full life together. Even as Darrel began experiencing symptoms, his positive and resilient personality shined through. He had always been one who asked for little and gave a lot, who accepted what he had and worked with it. It was his positive outlook that encouraged others and everyone who knew him loved him. Darrel and Kathy were inseparable much of the time. They are truly soul mates. Already having been blessed with a wonderful family, combined with strong friendships which blossomed through their involvement in Pacific Partnerships, the Smiths had a strong support system which has been priceless in the past several months. Sadly and suddenly, Darrel's condition deteriorated and 3 months ago, he peacefully passed away at home surrounded by those who loved him most. Only days after he attended his last Pacific Partnerships meeting as he was determined never to miss them.... now that's devotion.  Our city's flag flew at half mass to honor the life of such an amazing man. Kathy is such an inspiration as she is left to carry the torch for herself and her best friend. Despite her intense grief and loss, her good will is still extended to all who cross her path.  
Kathy and her canine companion will be relocating soon so before they move forward, let's give our thanks and let them know how much Kathy and Darrel impacted our community in such a positive way.  Darrel and Kathy's story is one of strength, unconditional love, commitment and devotion. We can all learn something from role models like these. Thank you to the Smiths and Kathy we wish you all the love and happiness in your new home. Please don't be a stranger, we miss you already!
In closing, Kathy would like to see our community members inspired to take an active role in the development of their own community and thinking beyond the 4 walls of their own homes. Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more of Our Community's Finest = )

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