It's my pleasure to introduce to you, Linda Morris. The gifts Linda bestowed upon this community came straight from her heart. Linda worked as the City of Pacific's Community Services Director from March 2010 until February 2012. The folks who participated at the Pacific/Algona Senior Center and Rec.Center benefitted greatly from Linda's contributions. Linda's goal was to make sure everyone was having fun, and with all of the activities she made available, there were no shortage of smiles! She was dedicated to coordinating and providing activities, education, outreach, and resources to support the well-being of our community members. Linda believes strongly in the importance of building community connections and because of her efforts, our citizens had an abundance of support available to them. Linda created a wonderful community connection by volunteering and serving on
the Advisory Board at the Auburn Int'l Farmers Market,  which provided  fresh, healthy ingredients used for "Stone Soup". Stone Soup is FREE Lunch provided to the whole community every Monday, and there is often live music too.
Moving forward, Linda would like to see opportunity for multi-generational events in the community, family nights (especially Summertime), community dinners, talent shows, youth particiaption in the community, and maybe even a recording studio or musical activities for the Nintendo Wii. 
    Thank you Linda for the love and dedication you extended to our community, please stop by to visit anytime, we'd love to see your smiling face! Stay tuned for more of Our Community's Finest = )

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