I am pleased to introduce Glenda White, an active member of our community for the past 20 years. Glenda is the friendly lady whose familiar face you may recognize if you've visited Pacific's Post Office or Union Station Gift & Collectibles. If you are looking for a kind lady with a big heart and a strong commitment to our community, you have found her. Glenda is the Mother of 6 children and a  Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, and Great-Great-Grandmother who speaks highly of her family with pride and love. Glenda was first drawn to Pacific when she found her home and business on a nice property in a small community. This property has quite a history as it was previously a gas station, then a restauraunt, and a grocery store. Glenda enjoys when Pacific's long time residents stop by and share stories about the previous establishments and the people who owned them before. Glenda is a founding member and dedicated volunteer of Pacific Partnerships which was established in 2006. Pacific Partnerships contributes to our community in many ways, for example, sponsoring "Pacific Days" and the "Tree Lighting Ceremony" (both events give opportunity for food donations to be collected for the Senior Center Food Bank). Please visit the webpage http://pacificpartnerships.org to learn more about Pacific Partnerships and/or volunteer. Even before Pacific Partnerships, Glenda was committed to community. She was a member of "Candlelighters", an inspirational group of volunteers focused on community building. Glenda also assisted the fire department in  the mapping, addressing and naming of Pacific's streets and was a member of Kiwanis. 
Moving forward, Glenda says she would like to see more community volunteers. She ended with saying, "I like the town, even with all it's faults, it's my home".  Thank you Glenda, for your allegiance to our community and being a leader who's set a strong example for all of us. Stay tuned for more of Our Community's Finest = )

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