Good morning! I thought I'd take a minute today to do a personal check in. Before I do that, I want you all to know that I appreciate your patients with the changes I've made with this page. On average, this page is receiving between 100-200 views daily and that tells me that folks are interested in community building. I am thrilled about that!
    First I want to explain what "Taking Back Pacific" means. I want to give Pacific back to the community, where it rightfully belongs. It is the community that will make a  positive difference.
    With all of the "turmoil" in our city government and police department, I feel it's the community that's suffering. I would like to see that change. Our elected officials are in office right now because we put them there. It is their role to over see the police department. At this point, I'm not seeing leadership.
    In the beginning (a month ago) when I first created this site, My goal was to help my community. I felt at that time, things were out of control and I was convinced the blame belonged soley to our mayor. Mind you, I didn't have any education about our city's history. I just knew something needed to be done and I was ready to do it! First, I joined the Recall Cy Sun Committee. I spoke at the council meeting and asked Mayor Sun to step down. All the while I had made it my goal to become educated about Pacific's history so I was talking with people, reading online, asking questions, and I started getting a clearer picture of what was happening. I then decided I would meet with Mayor Sun personally and try to understand what he was trying to accomplish. At one point, I asked him to consider retiring because I respect him as a person ( he is a War Hero and my elder) and I knew the momentum of the recall was building. I wanted to see a more peaceful ending to Mayor Sun's departure from office where he could walk out on his own free will instead of being thrown out. Keep in mind, I'm still learning and beginning to realize that Mayor Sun may be the "squeeky wheel" but he is not the only problem at City Hall. My efforts with Mayor Sun weren't sucessful but I did gain knowledge there too. By this time, I started recognizing the strong alliances people in this community have. Though comradery can be a positive quality in a small town, I began to see there is a twist to what we have here. There aren't boundaries. I was in a situation where my red flags were popping up at an alarming rate, The lengths people were willing to go and the risks they were willing to take to help eachother or harm eachother were without limits. This was concerning to me to say the least. I ended up with a terrible migrane trying to make sense of it all and after that, I decided I needed to make some changes in my direction. I went back to square one and remembered why I got involved in the first place. It was my community. I wanted to help my community. At this time I have lost fath in our government and our police department. In my opinion  part of our police department is "morally and ethically flexible",  several members of our council are also "morally and ethically flexible", and our mayor is a "loose cannon". How do you work with that? My answer is you can't. They need to sort out their own demons and deal with the consequences for their choices. Until I see honesty, moral and ethical behavior, accountability, integrity, structure, consistancy, and loyalty to the community (not eachother or themselves), I am ceasing any effort to save the city. At the end of the day, if we loose Pacific, what will we actually loose? Our government and our police department. At this point, I'm wondering is that really a bad thing?  Instead of the community working so hard to hold onto them, maybe they should be working to hold onto us.
    With that said, I am directing my focus entirely to community building. We need to step up now and be strong. Let's work together, help eachother, volunteer, and encourage others to get  involved. Let's put our energy and efforts into building something positive!
    Thank you for reading and feel free to leave comments here = )

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