Months ago, creating a "back up plan" for our community was an option. Today, it's a necessity.
    Yesterday a letter written by Pacific City Attorney, Ken Luce, and addressed to Pacific's City Council and Mayor, was released on the Committee to Recall Cy Sun Webpage. The letter explains Pacific's disasterous state of affairs and acknowledges the reality of Pacific's disincorperation when the City's Insurance is cancelled December 31st 2012.
    In my blog entry Committees Hard at Work, I suggested a "back up plan" for our community. I am ready to move forward with this now. I am meeting with community based supports at this time. I will be in attendance at the City Counciil Meeting October 22nd at 6:30PM and I encourage others to attend also. It's imparative at this time that we focus on the preservation of our community. The city and it's government do not represent the community, which shall remain dispite the downfall of the city. I was prepared for this outcome (the City of Pacific failing) however it was still difficult to read Ken Luce's words and
it's still sinking in for me. I can imagine some of you feel the same. I do believe with careful thought, consideration, and planning we (as a community) can overcome this and prevail. Afterall, it's not the name that defines us. 
     I will post updates concerning community building efforts, community announcements, and opportunities as I come accross them. In the meantime, I have faith in us, let's stay informed, and most importantly let's support eachother in this time of uncertainty. Thank you for reading. = )
    UPDATE: As of this evening, the lawsuits against the City (which surpass Pacific's insurance coverage limits) have been filed as reported by King 5 News..

Thanks for keeping the citizens of Pacific informed.


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