What does it mean to be a Community Leader? I can only offer my own vision of what a Community Leader looks like, however I would encourage you to ask yourself this question and after some thought, see what you come up with.
    My definition of a Community Leader is someone who is involved with and has a vested interest in the community. Let me clarify "vested interest". Someone who resides in the community owns a business in the community, offers community based services to the community, is a member of a church in the community, someone whose children attend a school in the community, someone who is a recipient of services in the community, and/or someone who devotes their time/resources to the community. At this point you may say, "That could be anyone". Here are the defining factors; INTEGRITY, COMMITTMENT, and NO HIDDEN AGENDAS. These people are fair, unbiased, honest, and willing to serve their community for the sole purpose of serving their community. 
    It's important that the people who choose to be involved are able to check their personal feelings about Pacific's politics at the door. At this point nothing good could come from rehashing  "who did what" to contribute to the downfall of the city.It won't change the facts and it will create undue animosity. I understand that while emotions are running high right now given the circumstances, it may be difficult. However I'm going to request that those who can't honor this responsibility please don't involve yourselves until you can. This is about building, not distruction. This is how the community faced with adversity will show it's resiliency.
   With that said, it's time to unite these people who share these Community Leader qualities as well as this common purpose. It's a huge task, but saving the community services we have is essential. That's why I am proposing the creation of a Community Council. I made a promise to the seniors at the Pacific/Algona Senior Center that if it came down to the demise of Pacific, I would do whatever I could to secure their center and the services provided there. I feel just as strongly about preserving the Rec Center. We may need more services when all is said and done, not less services. At the very least, I want to hang on to what we have. It's going to take a lot of work and in a short amount of time. I am putting my best foot forward but flying by the seat of my pants. If you are willing to help or wish to suggest a Community Leader who may be willing to step up to the plate, please contact me. If you have an opinion (good or bad), I want to hear it. Let's not just stand here, let's do something!
    Thank you for reading and try to stay dry today! Fall is definitely here = )

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