So much has happened in the past couple of weeks and so quickly! I have learned a lot in this short period. Needless to say, dealing in politics is messy! I'm doing my homework though and now that I'm over the migraine of a lifetime, I have regained focus. I had to do a personal check to make sure that with the time crunch, expectations of myself, expectations others have of me, my ultimate goal, and my own values and integrity were all balanced. My goal remains the same, returning Pacific to it's citizens and creating a sense of community. Time will continue to fly, but decisions still need to be well thought out. Expectations of myself include honesty, making positive changes in my community, and not losing sight of my goal. As far as other people's expectations of me, I just have to stay true to myself and keep my boundaries in line with my moral code. If I continue to conduct my own checks and balances, my integrity will remain in tact. It's a delecate balance in a situation like this, but I believe it can be done sucessfully. 
    I'm curious where other folks are at with this. What suggestions do you have for improving our community? What qualities do we have that we can build on to make our community stronger?  If it was soley up to you, what would our community look like? These things are importand because if we have a vision, we have a starting point. Think about it because it really is the people who make the community! Therefore we need to really make "Our City" our own....a place where we are happy. 
    I hope to hear from you all, your opinion matters! Goodnight and thanks for reading : )

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