It seems as if folks are changing direction a bit where solutions to Pacific's current state of affairs are concerned. I'm happy to see that. If there is one positive result in this chaotic situation, it would have to be community members working together for a common goal. At this point, my goals are to continue community building efforts and assisting in the development of a plan for us, should the city fail. It seems at first we were so focused on saving the city that there wasn't another alternative. It was a "do or die" mindset. If we all go off half-cocked in a frenzy, avoidable mistakes will be made. If we look at the situation logically and create a well organized plan for if the city should fail, it's not this paralyzing impending doom looming over head. We can actually accomplish something. If we stop spending our time and energy trying to sort out the craziness at City Hall and better invest our efforts in building a "plan B", should we need it, we would be in a more solid place. What do you say? Maybe we get together and figure out where to start. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this. 
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