I am looking to bridge the gaps in our community. I don't like the lines that have been drawn between cultures. I can't fix any injustices that have occured in the past, but I would like to take some responsibility in the rebuilding of our community, the right way, where everyone is treated justly and valued equally.  I am interested in meeting other folks who, like myself, genuinely embrace diversity. People who wish to take it a step beyond embracing diversity and are willing to make an effort to "ditch the good ol boys club" reputation our little town has aquired over the years by creating a community built on acceptance, appreciation, and equality. I believe it's long over due......
Thanks for reading and please feel free to voice your position on this matter. Goodnight = ).

******UPDATE*******  It's been 2 days since this entry was made and I'm a little surprised after 119 views, there hasn't been any feedback. So I'm wondering if I'm the only one who sees a problem with the cultural devide, or  are folks feeling intimidated regarding this issue? Is there another reason that I'm not aware of?

9/30/2012 02:27:15 pm

Hi, I actually am in a similar community and at a point where I would like to take the first steps. But, I'm not sure how I should begin. I am a diverse volunteer (HeadStart Program, local Office of Civil Defense, FA/CPR/AED trainer, OSHA trainer, etc.) and have the support of the local mayor's office. I am willing to do all the "footwork", recruitment, and solicitations but need a blueprint. If anyone has any references, I would sincerely appreciate a response.


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