I'm pleased to introduce Maryann Townsend, a Pacific Resident of 27 years. Maryann moved to Pacific with her husband and son for the sake of the city's quiet, and small town qualities. Maryann is a volunteer of 8 years at the Pacific/Algona Senior Center. What a great time to meet Maryann as she was voted July's "Volunteer Of The Month" at the Senior Center ( Congratulations Maryann!). Some of the hobbies Maryann enjoys are: playing dominos, playing the Nintendo WII, and singing.
Moving forward. Maryann would like to see more community activities offered. Mariann added that she "hopes and prays we can keep the Senior Center".
Thank you Maryann for your dedication to our community. Please stay tuned for more of Our Community's Finest = )

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