I would love for all of you to send a nomination or two for "Our Community's finest". I'm looking for people in our community who actively participate in making it a better place. If you have a neighbor who has gone the extra mile to help you or someone else, if you know a child or teen who works hard to be a leader and positive role-model, or maybe you belong to a local church and know someone who volunteers there, please recognize them with a nomination. People who make the effort to contribute to our community absolutely deserve to be recognized. I'd like to reflect the diversity of our community, so all ages, ethnicities, religions, political views, and social status' should be represented here. Is there some one in our community that faces unusual challenges who inspires you? How about a teacher? A single parent? Daycare provider? Firefighter? Your nominee doesn't have to live in Pacific, but must be a part of our community. Do you have someone in mind? Please fill out a Contact Form on the home page and tell me about your nominee. Remember to include your name, and a contact number.
Thanks for reading = )

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